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How to replace elastic in your Finger Cymbals
(or Zills or Sagat)

Zills, Sagat or Cymbals?

Finger cymbals are also called "Zills" (Turkish) and "Sagat" (Arabic).

Why dance with finger cymbals?

Finger cymbals are integral to bellydance. They are an ancient instrument played while dancing. Playing cymbals while also dancing is a skill that takes time! Be patient with yourself as you learn and make sure your cymbals are firm and comfy on your fingers. So... here are instructions on how to get that perfect fit and make sure you feel comfortable while you dance and play.


Elastic options

There are several ways of inserting elastic to your finger cymbals. It is personal choice as to which method suits you best and supports your cymbal playing.

The elastic needs to be firm! Playing finger cymbals with loose elastic is like trying to walk down the street wearing pants with loose elastic... Very distracting!

Follow the photos below using hair elastics or take a look at the video for more options for your cymbals with 2 slots or a single round hole.

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