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  • What do I wear to class?
    Wear comfortable, non restrictive clothing. Gym, yoga or hippy type clothes is a good place to start. Bare feet are fine and soft dance shoes, jiffies or socks are also good, especially in the winter. A hip scarf or shimmy belt can help you get into the mood. Also bring along a bottle of water.
  • Am I too... fat/skinny/old/uncoordinated to learn belly dance?
    No! Belly dance suits all ages and body types and is quite gentle on the body. Women of all fittness levels and abilities attend class and find it beneficial. No knowledge of dance is assumed and with practice you will learn to connect with your body and feel more comfortable in yourself.
  • Do I need special equipment or props?
    As a beginner you don't need any special equipment. If any props like veil, cane or zills are being used in class you can always try them out before committing to a purchase. We will always discuss the best options and where to purchase them if the need arises.
  • Do I have to perform?
    No! Throughout the year there are various performance opportunities where I welcome anyone to have a go. It is not about perfect dancing but about having fun and personal growth through challenges. There are other ways of being involved in our events without performing!
  • Can I bring my children with me?
    Girls of highschool age are welcome to join the Hunter Shimmy Sisters as students. Younger children need to be minded elsewhere. The bellydance classes are time for you to enjoy some space on your own with other women free of the responsibilities of family and other commitments. Children are always welcome at our concerts, haflas, community performances and any casual get togethers we may have!
  • Can men join Hunter Shimmy Sisters?
    Men can belly dance, however, Hunter Shimmy Sisters is a belly dance school for dancers who identify as female. This creates a feminine space for women to learn in, connect with one another and themselves.
"I've been dancing with Mikola at Hunter Shimmy Sisters since 2020; I highly recommend her classes, they're a lot of fun. I greatly enjoy Mikola's relaxed and friendly but still creative approach to dance. She makes belly dance achievable for complete beginners and still interesting for those who've been dancing for years. Highly recommended!" - Anna.
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