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Hunter Shimmy Sisters

Bellydance classes at Hunter Shimmy Sisters are fun, supportive and welcoming.


Women and girls (of highschool age) from different walks of life are united by their love of bellydance and find a wonderful community of women to belong to. The bellydance classes are held in Maitland and are attended by women from all over the Hunter Valley.

Hunter Shimmy Sisters enjoy supporting each other to do their best and to meet new challenges. Some of the group enjoy taking their dance to a wider audience and often perform at community events throughout the Hunter Valley... Getting dressed up is half the fun of bellydance :-)

"Belly Dance" is a generic Western term used to describe a breadth of dances of the MENAHT countries (Middle East, North Africa, Greece and Türkiye). The term encompasses "Raqs Sharqi" which had it's origins in early 20th century Egypt, and together with Egyptian Folklore styles, this forms the basis of our dance at Hunter Shimmy Sisters.


Belly dancing has ancient roots and it has changed and evolved to become the varied and beautiful art form that it is today. It is exciting, joyful and sensual. It is low impact and the natural movement vocabulary suit ALL body types, allowing the dancer to gently tone, mobilise and stretch their bodies.



My name is Mikola Lee

I have always had a love of dance. In 1995 I discovered my true dancing passion - Belly Dance! I began belly dance classes without really knowing much about it and I was quickly hooked and intrigued to learn and discover more about this rich and fascinating dance form.


My teaching journey began in 2007 and I have found teaching belly dance to be a wonderful and rewarding experience. I am constantly amazed and very proud of my students strength and personal achievements through their dance. It is a true privilege to be able to bring belly dance into these women's lives!

Since 2018 I have enjoyed adding Maitland Dance for Parkinson's and Mobility Classes to my dance practice. From these classes I draw from my ballet and contemporary background as well as Middle Eastern dance and rhythms which give a unique and varied class.

I also love teaching Creative Movement and Dance in a school setting to Primary and Highschool students.

"I started bellydancing two years ago with no experience.
It’s so much fun and a great workout for your body and brain! Our class is a mix of all levels and everyone is friendly and supportive.
Mikola is an amazing dance teacher and very knowledgeable about the cultural significance of the dance and music."
- Karen
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